Smiley Die Cut Vinyl Decal

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Smiley Die Cut Vinyl Decal

Die Cut vinyl decals.
Available in black or white.
No background means they are perfect for car windows and whatnot.
Use rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the area you want to apply decal.
Remove backing layer and carefully apply decal.
Apply pressure across entire decal to make sure it has adhered properly.
Finally, remove top layer slowly and carefully making sure the decal doesn’t peel off as well.
Pretty simple. If you need more help hit up YouTube.

These are for personal use only. Please do not apply these stickers to public or government property of any kind. This also applies to any property or structures on government or private land, as well as any private property or privately owned items of any kind without express permission from the owner.
I, nor any affiliates of Slurred Vision do not endorse or support the criminal damage or destruction of property whatsoever.