Metal Face Mask

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Metal Face Mask

The SLURREDvision Metal Face Mask is a new design based on the previously released basic mask.
Each one comes with a small carabiner so your mask can be easily clipped to a bag or belt, making it accessible at all times.

Due to the popularity of my last run of masks I have organised more and decided to change up the design so those who already own the previous version can get a badass alternative. It looks rad and conforms to legal requirements where face coverings are mandatory. One size fits all.
While masks are not mandatory for everyone across SA or Australia, they are mandatory for certain industries such as tattooing. I highly recommend wearing one out in public regardless of the legality, despite what you may have read online a mask can still help protect yourself and others. I can’t legally refer to these as PPE, but if somebody walked up, stared me in the eyes and sneezed, I would very much prefer we were both wearing masks. You should too.

Please note this mask is not suitable for use as personal protective equipment and SLURREDvision or affiliates make no claims of medical or protective benefits of its use.